Teaching Optima Reading

  • • Just 16 high frequency words account for 28% of written English
  • • Just 30 phonic skills enable children to read the majority of phonically regular words that they will encounter in the stories they read.

The Optima Reading online programme provides all the necessary materials and resources to teach reading to the whole class, or to work with small groups and individual pupils. It is structured in such a way that teachers are provided with a clear progression and rationale for the phonic skills and high frequency words that are taught. Our analysis of children’s written English (please see the Real Books DataBase) has given us unique insight – see the facts above – enabling us to help teachers differentiate their teaching so that skills are taught to high fluency levels (which facilitates their retention) and are successfully interleaved (where new skills are taught alongside previously learned skills) which facilitates their long-term retention. This way, the needs of all pupils, at every level of attainment, are met.